Today, our nation celebrates Veteran’s Day. On a day when we should be recognizing the sacrifice of many who gave their lives for our freedom, there are many whose service is causing them to wonder, why? “I served my country and it abandoned me.” “I served my country and now I can’t get help.” Fortunately, there are agencies like MANA House in Phoenix, Arizona who provides shelter to veterans experiencing homelessness. Each night 77 men are given a place to sleep and food to eat. At the Human Service Campus MANA House ran an outreach center until COVID-19 shuttered it. We hope it will be open soon.

Veterans experiencing homelessness need more than a bed and a meal. They need hope and support. The Chaplaincy was providing pastoral counseling, trauma recovery programs and Worship services at MANA House until COVID-19 stopped our volunteers and staff from going into the campus.

Thank you for your support to the Chaplaincy so we can provide HOPE to our veterans.