Each day, chaplains, both paid staff and volunteers encounter people experiencing homelessness. Here is a recent encounter by Chaplain Darwin:

I met Richard at St. John’s Lutheran Church’s Food Bank. Richard told me that he was working to make a new life for himself since the left Chicago to come the Arizona to make a new start. He said he was able to get some work through an agency, however, he couldn’t make enough to pay for housing. One night he was sleeping on the street when the police came and “began harassing” him. They told him to either move on or go to jail. He called me from the street corner and I talked to him and police officer. I went down to the corner and met him and put him a hotel for the night to keep out of jail. The next day I picked him up and took him to Redeemed Outreach.

It is the privilege of the Chaplaincy to help people who want to make new beginnings. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.