A few weeks ago, a man from our community attended one of the chapels provided by the Chaplaincy for the Homeless. He offered to share his testimony of God’s intervention in his life.

A life of drug abuse, a lost marriage, a lost family, lost relationships – a too common story of people on the street.

Here are his words talking about his experience of sharing his story with fellow worshipers at the Virginia G. Piper Chapel on the Human Service Campus:

“I honestly was extremely nervous; and didn’t think I was going to be able to stand and speak. I even planned an escape route (embarrassing enough.) Especially since I had nothing written down to speak about. Only thoughts about my story.

Something happened when I did. Something I had never experienced before in my life. I felt as though I was wrapped up in a blanket. I suddenly had confidence, focus, and direction.

Looking back, I don’t know how much of “me” was there talking.

When it was over, I honestly wept all the way home because I had never felt anything like that before in my life…

I thought I should share this with you. I could only hope that it has some meaning, or purpose to it.


My Bible is the most important thing possess. Nothing means more to me than the word of God. I honestly don’t think I really “have” anything else that I have not squandered, or abandoned, or just resulted in folly.

The cost of that very previous statement is enormously expensive.

I didn’t walk into a Bible-based Church until the end of 2012. Now I can’t imagine a life without Christ in it.

Thanks for reading this. In best regards.”

We all have a story that needs to be told and in the telling we will be transformed.

Ronald Friesen © 2018