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402, 2019

Bible Study with the Homeless

“I need healing for a broken heart.” Seven of us gather in the conference room of the Chaplaincy for the Homeless office. I distribute bottles of cold water and the Bible lesson for the day, “Who are We?” The Bible lesson is a series of Bible verses or sections of the Bible which guide our discussion. As we take turns reading the Biblical texts, we discuss them. I invite [...]

1212, 2018

The Story of a Changed Life

A few weeks ago, a man from our community attended one of the chapels provided by the Chaplaincy for the Homeless. He offered to share his testimony of God’s intervention in his life. A life of drug abuse, a lost marriage, a lost family, lost relationships – a too common story of people on the street. Here are his words talking about his experience of sharing his story with [...]

2410, 2018

The Impact of a Wedding

“We are going to have a wedding in the chapel!” With these words, Cynthia Bach, Spiritual Care Advocate for St. Vincent de Paul, announced to me that two residents of the Central Arizona Shelter Service (CASS), had asked to be married. She also informed me that the couple needed a marriage license. In a few days I met the young couple, Richard and Carol (names changed). We talked about [...]